Costa Concordia disaster (documentary)

Costs of production:  $612 million

Costs of recovery :  $2 billion

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Part 1 : How it happened ? 13 January 2012

Part 2: The Recover (raising)  July 2014

More details you can find here:

Costa Concordia disaster & how the ship was recovered

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#itcanwait (don’t text and drive)

What would be your answer ?

I ask you the following: Are you texting, vlogging or snapchating while driving ? Why?  Now try to answer the same thing to someone, whos parents died in a car accident cause by a texting driver, and see if you can tell it in the same chill way and also don’t forget to tell the reasons also why are you doing it !


Do NOT text and drive ! Nothing is important/urgent if is only a message. If is important then call and you the hands-free!